Prayer for National Indigenous Peoples Day

June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day. As people of faith we are committed to addressing the legacy of harm done to Indigenous Peoples by churches and governments, and to forging right relationships.

Creator God,
We look at your world and praise you for the diversity all around us.
Thank you for the gift of relationships; our connection with people, animals and the land.
Help us, Lord, to see differences and diversity as strengths.
Help us to listen and understand; to meet one another with wonder and anticipation.
Help us to love as you love, without expectation.
Reveal to us your way of reconciliation and guide us into right relationships with all living things.
Lead us to understand how Indigenous peoples have been and continue to be profoundly harmed by settler people and institutions.
Lead us to repent when we as settlers deny Indigenous peoples respect, dignity and fullness of life.
Help us to listen compassionately, to speak humbly and to act justly.
Help us to seek the peace, justice and reconciliation you desire among all your children.
Thank you for your mercy and grace.

Prayer by Dianne Climenhage, MCC Atlantic Canada Regional Representative

MCC has sought to walk in friendship and solidarity with Indigenous neighbours for nearly 50 years. Learn more about the themes that shape our work and relationships.

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One thought

  1. Thanks, Dianne, for this prayer. I’ve tried to pray it in a sincerely. It reminds me of my responsibilities as a fellow traveler on this tiny raft in space that we call Earth. It’s not exactly an easy prayer to pray and it asks for much; “Help us to love as you love, without expectation.” That’s pretty tough, and I’ve certainly failed way too often. But it reminds me that there are special God-created bonds between all people, and these need to be honored. Thanks for what you do for peace and reconciliation.

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