Water, the cross, and a liturgical journey

Refuse to be enemies

A sign greets visitors at the entrance of the hilltop farm of the Nassar family near Bethlehem. (MCC photo/Emily Loewen)

The Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre in East Jerusalem, Palestine put together a workbook inviting us to walk through the stations of the cross from a Palestinian Christian perspective. Each station explains aspects of Palestinian suffering and offers reflection regarding ways in which Palestinians are bearing the cross today. Water shortages and poor water quality have contributed to the hardship of Palestinians living under occupation since 1967. Pray with us in solidarity and in the hope of peace with Sabeel and the Palestinian people:

God who called us forth from the dust…
Send your living waters upon us
Sprinkle us again with your purifying rains
Make your mountains fill with dancing streams
Your valleys swell with splashing ponds
As fertile as the River Jordan
As renewing as the waters of baptism
As overflowing as the cup of salvation.

Feed all living things with your life-sustaining water
As you fill them with your grace.

And as we gaze upon this land that so thirsts for your water
Let it remind us of all the thirsts in this world:
The thirst for justice
The thirst for peace
The thirst for opportunity
The thirst for reconciliation
The thirst for hope.

And when your blessings rain from the sky
As assuredly they will
And we kneel again at the pools and fountains
Teach us to cup our hands
And gently,
in solidarity
Turn first, and share with one another.

A prayer by Edward Hoyt, Catholic Relief Services as published in Contemporary Way of the Cross: A Liturgical Journey along the Palestinian Via Dolorosa, Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre.

You can find out more about the occupation of Palestinian territory by visiting our A Cry for Home campaign page.


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