Generating prosperity or conflict?: Mining in Latin America

Over the summer we are occasionally re-posting material from MCC colleagues and partner organizations. Here’s one from the MCC Latin America Advocacy Blog.

Latin American Advocacy Blog

By Adrienne Wiebe, MCC Latin America Policy Analyst

Last week five indigenous people died in conflicts related to foreign mining operations in Latin America. One died in a protest in Bolivia related to a Canadian silver mine and four died in Peru in a protest against an American gold mine. Many more people were injured and some were detained by government security forces in these clashes.

Conflicts from Mexico to Argentina

There are currently 160 mining-related conflicts in Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina, according to the Observatorio de Conflictos Mineros de America Latina (Observatory of Mining Conflicts in Latin America).

Canadian companies alone have been and continue to be involved in 85 socio-environmental conflicts in Latin America, according the McGill University Research Group Investigating Canadian Mining in Latin America, which maintains an interactive map documenting these conflicts.

Foreign companies are rarely directly involved in the abuses and the…

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